Our Store Concept - Kaufland Real Estate

Outside view of a Kaufland store with surrounding area and parking space

Nothing is as diverse as real estate. That's why we offer individual solutions and customized concepts for your location and requirements with our range of store formats. We are open to all retail locations and thus create footfall anchors in city centres, retail parks, shopping centers or even as a stand-alone stores. Our flexibility goes a lot further because regardless of whether it is a plot of land or an existing property, whether you're leasing or buying - together we'll always find the right solution for the right location. 

We are not only opening a supermarket, but also creating opportunities.
Our store formats

Flexibility is standard for us

"at ground level"

graphic version of Kaufland store

The classic sales area convinces with a clear architectural design and offers plenty of space. The ground-level sales area allows quick access and has parking spaces directly in front of the property. This makes shopping even easier and more convenient for your customers.


graphic version of Kaufland store

Do you want to save space and offer your customers a pleasant shopping experience? How about a store where ground-level parking areas protected from rain await your customers? Directly above is the sales area, conveniently accessible by stairs or elevator.

"Parking on the roof" or "with underground parking"

graphic version of Kaufland store

In the city, space is often severely limited and every square meter is valuable. Here, too, we can provide you with a tailor-made solution with parking either on the roof or in an underground garage. The store is accessible to your customers at ground level, making it easy to reach even for spontaneous visitors.

Below: Kaufland. Above: open for anything.

graphic version of Kaufland store

Kaufland also integrates seamlessly into various forms of mixed use. For example, in retail parks or as a local  neighbourhood store. Above a ground-level sales area, there is sufficient space for community infrastructure, residential units, offices or medical centres.

Example stores

Kaufland offers variety

Custom-fit is our motto. Because we find attractive solutions that are perfectly tailored to your needs. Be inspired by the variety of our stores! 

Kaufland store outside view Bergkamen-Rünthe

Kaufland Bergkamen-Rünthe

Kaufland store outside view Wuppertal

Kaufland Wuppertal

Kaufland store outside view Spandau

Kaufland Spandau

Kaufland store outside view Schwetzingen

Kaufland Schwetzingen

Kaufland store outside view Leipzig

Kaufland Leipzig

Kaufland store outside view Kamp-Lintfort

Kaufland Kamp-Lintfort

Kaufland Filiale Außenansicht Ingolstadt

Kaufland Ingolstadt

Kaufland store outside view Göttingen

Kaufland Göttingen

Kaufland store outside view Esslingen

Kaufland Esslingen

Kaufland store outside view Erfurt

Kaufland Erfurt 

Kaufland store outside view Berlin Goerzallee

Kaufland Berlin Goerzallee